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Our family has been in business since 1880's serving customers all over South Australia, my great grandfather went into business around the northern part of South Australia transporting goods via horse and cart, later my grandfather took over his father's business and introduced the first diesel truck to the company, and also continued transporting goods.

My father commenced his career in the electrical field and with AWA. He later opened his business serving the Gawler district in the early 1960's attending his customers refrigeration and heating, TV and Radio, and electrical needs.

In 1972 my mother and father bought the Edithburgh 4 Square store and extended its services by introducing electrical, refrigeration, TV and Radio repairs, to the local district.

1985 I completed my electrical apprenticeship and have spent my time gaining valued experience in all areas of the electrical field, from refrigeration, elevators/escalators, domestic, industrial, commercial wiring and repairs, switch board design and construction, specialised electrical fault finding, PLC design and control, Variable frequency Drives and controls, Exeloos which are imported from New Zealand.

The late 1990's was an exciting time we decided to start our own electrical business which from 2012 took the new name LED4 Electrical Solutions. Aiming to provide our local community and district a valued service in the Electrical Field.

Our family have been serving customers all over South Australia for a period of 132 years. LED4 has two generations of experience within the electrical trade.


LED4 Electrical Solutions mission is to be our customer’s first choice for electrical services and provide the best possible electrical service to our customers with inspiring quality workmanship, professionalism, and innovation every time, no matter how small or big our job is. The safety of both our employees and customer’s is paramount.


McLaren Vale,
South Australia 5171

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Licences: - PGE-294162 : BLD-306756